Sean Maciejewski

Plush Rocks The NY State Fair

Music Scene Media
Aug 31, 2022
3 min read

by Sean Maciejewski

Plush, the hard rocking all-female band, rocked the Chevy Park stage at the NY State fair on August 24th, 2022. Chevy Park is a medium-sized outdoor stage, with multiple rows of seating that open up to a grassy area with picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. With bright sunshine and temps in the mid 80’s, I was impressed by the crowd that gathered for the early afternoon, Wednesday show.

Plush wowed the audience with a hard rocking twelve song set, opening the show with their second single “Athena”. The Pavement Entertainment recording artists sprinkled their other charting singles throughout the show. Including the popular “Hate”, “Better Off Alone” and the newest single “Will Not Win”. Shortly into the set, front-woman Moriah Formica explained that she was feeling under the weather and she would do her best with vocals. She pushed through with a solid performance and if she didn’t tell us, I wouldn’t have known that she was not well! The duo of guitarist Bella Perron and bassist Ashley Suppa, were truly entertaining. Shredding on their instruments, while flipping hair, dancing across the stage and engaging the audience. Equally impressive was drummer, Faith Powell, who sat in at this show for the recently departed Brooke Colucci. Powell, a recent high school graduate, came from Arizona to play with the band! These young women ranging from ages 18 to 21, are highly talented and guarantee that rock music is in good hands of the next generation!

Plush are; Moriah Formica – vocals & guitar, Bella Perron – guitar & vocals, Ashley Suppa – bass & vocals, and Faith Powell – drums for this show

Set list; Athena, Champion, Found A Way, Sober, Bring Me Down, Walk Away, Don’t Say That, Better Off Alone, Barracuda (Heart cover), Will Not Win, I Don’t Care, Hate



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