Matt Benton

Poolside At The Flamingo Get Ready to Release 'Accabadora'

Matt Benton
May 20, 2024
2 min read
Photo Provided Courtesy of Cosa Nostra PR

Let's be honest. There are a lot of bands out there and, with so many, it might be hard to find that "next big thing". So, what is a band to do to stand out? Be extremely brutal? Have a crazy name that makes someone stop and ask, "wait what" while reading it again? Have some brutal ass album art that stops someone in their tracks? All three? Well, just like a Buzzfeed article, if you said yes to any of the questions I just asked, do I have the band for you! Enter: Poolside At The Flamingo.

Album Artwork Provided by Cosa Nostra PR

Hailing from Colorado with a history of nearly 20 years in the music business, Poolside At The Flamingo is a band I found and instantly fell in love with. Whether you want to call them deathcore or grindcore ... it doesn't matter. They play the type of music that makes you want to throw Grandma into the pit. Yeah, I'm talking about their upcoming EP set to release on May 22, 2024: Accabadora. This EP has all the makings of a deathcore/grindcore classic. While only being 4 tracks, I've had it on repeat since getting access to it. Yes, I know that bands always say how the upcoming release is the "best thing" they've ever done, but when seeing what the band had to say about the EP, I really believe it. Poolside At The Flamingo had this to say about the EP release:

The Accabadora EP is the first release that we're truly proud of and feel embodies the sound that we're looking to achieve. The songs on this EP were written with more care and attention than any other album/ep we've released. To us, it's the perfect blend of erratic grindcore and soul-crushing breakdowns.

I almost can't decided which song I like the most because they're all great. Now, the only thing that could make a band's song better is having an incredible music video to go along with it. The title track of the EP, "Accabadora", is one of the most brutal yet adorable things I've ever watched. But, we also have "Hell on Earth"; a track even the band says is great and could arguably be one of their favorites. When talking about "Hell on Earth", Poolside At The Flamingo had this to say:

This may be our favorite song on the EP. There's a hint of melody as dueling guitars blend tremolo riffs. The series of breakdowns at the end will make you want to hurt something.

With only a few days left until release, I'm extremely excited for fans to hear these tracks because I'm sure they will love it as much as myself and Poolside At The Flamingo do. Be sure to keep up with everything Poolside At The Flamingo have going on here.

Accabadora Track List

  1. Accabadora
  2. The Deceiver
  3. Seething
  4. Hell on Earth

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