Alyssa Moreau

Steel Panther Shreds at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN

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Mar 9, 2023
4 min read

by Alyssa Moreau

The first act on stage was Tragedy, a rock band from Memphis, TN. Dawning the long hair and sparkly skin tight pants, these guys definitely looked like they belonged at a Steel Panther show. The “disco-metal” group took to the stage rocking glitter, sparkly short-shorts, and face make up, and put on a brilliant performance to start the night. Their covers of rock and metal classics had fans screaming along, enjoying their fresh take on songs that have been played for years. One highlight was their song, “Raining Blood / It’s Raining Men”, which was topped off with hand held confetti canons. This group was able to perfectly engage the audience, preparing them for the fun that was yet to come.


Next up was Crobot. Starting with a mad scientist on stage and a skit involving the electric chair, these guys sure did know how to capture an audience. With 5 studio albums released, Crobot has in no shortage of songs to play. At this point in the night, the crowd was already warmed up and instantly began grooving to the music. Crobot is able to pack some serious heat into their heavy guitar riffs and catchy vocals, showing off all of their musical talent.


Finally, to the anticipation of the crowd the legendary “comedic glam metal” group, Steel Panther, took the stage. Fans came prepared dawning blonde wigs and skin tight leather pants, showing their dedication to the 80’s metal act.

Steel Panther is known for their comedy just as much as their music. Their random conversations between songs could’ve been a whole stand up comedy show by itself. Granted, it would definitely be an R-rated, ages 21+ comedy show, but that’s all part of their act. The crude and perverted jokes don’t stop with their talking, however, which can be seen in just their setlist alone.

All jokes aside, Steel Panther is made up of some seriously talented musicians. From guitarist Satchel’s insane, shredding, face-melting solos, to lead singer Micheal Starr’s flawless vocals and impressive range. Their music is undeniably catchy and super well written. It had the whole crowd moving in some form or another.

After an 11-song set, the band left the stage and chants quickly emerged from the crowd. Normally, the chant would be “Encore! Encore!”, but not at a Steel Panther show. The chant that emerged was “Gloryhole! Gloryhole!” as fans called out for one of Steel Panthers most iconic songs. The band emerged back on the stage for two more songs, “Community Property”, followed by “Gloryhole”, to the audience’s satisfaction.

Steel Panther Setlist:

  1. Eyes of a Panther
  2. Let Me Cum In
  3. Asian Hooker
  4. All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)
  5. The Burden of Being Wonderful
  6. Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World
  7. Death to All but Metal
  8. 1987
  9. Ain’t Dead Yet
  10. Girl From Oklahoma
  11. Party All Day (Fuck All Night)


  1. Community Property
  2. Gloryhole

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