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Silverstein Brings the 10-Year Anniversary of 'This Is How The Wind Shifts' to Nashville

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Dec 6, 2023
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The night's first act was AVOID, a relatively young band from Seattle, Washington. The 5-piece band only has two records out but is undoubtedly in the process of taking the scene by storm. The band came out swinging with “Whatever”, a track off their newest album Cult Mentality, released in 2022. This was the night of energetic bands, and AVOID was sure to bring the heat immediately. Fans were anxious to get the night going, as crowd surfing and moshing started almost immediately. 

The band had so much fun performing, with huge smiles as they shared their craft. Frontman Benny Scholl was having the time of his life, even jumping on the crowd during their second song. The energy was fantastic as they interacted with the crowd, doing more than enough to warm up the room.

AVOID Setlist:

  1. Whatever
  2. Cowabunga
  3. Blast Off!
  4. Midnight Six
  5. Flashbang!
  6. Can't Take This Away
  7. Hostage at a Beach House Party
  8. Song About James

Next to storm the stage was Stray From The Path, a long-time personal favorite of mine. The hardcore band from New York hits hard and unapologetically. With lyrics calling out social justice issues, political corruption, and flaws in our system backed by heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums, the message hits home. Their latest record, Euthanasia, took the scene by storm as Stray found their sound in a political climate that was ready to hear it. 

Their energy was also no joke. The perfect follow-up to AVOID, the band kept the crowd moving with constant moshing and crowd surfing. Fans screamed along to their last song, "First World Problem Child," to finish their set.

Stray From The Path Setlist:

  1. Guillotine
  2. III
  3. Chest Candy
  4. Neighbourhood Watch
  5. Law Abiding Citizen
  6. Fortune Teller
  7. Needful Things
  8. May You Live Forever
  9. First World Problem Child

Finally, the legendary Silverstein took to the stage. With over 20 years as a band, Silverstein has gained an iconic status, with hits expanding across decades and genres. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of their 7th album, the band played every track on This Is How The Wind Shifts, a real treat to fans who would otherwise not get to experience these live. 

One of the night's highlights was Silverstein's interaction with the audience. Frontman Shane Told engaged in heartfelt banter between songs, sharing personal anecdotes and expressing gratitude for the unwavering support of their fans. This connection transformed the concert into an intimate experience, forging a bond between the band and their long-time fans.

With an impressive 24-song setlist, the band kept the energy at an all-time high. A long setlist is no joke, but the band didn't miss a beat. Their 20 years of experience combined come through musically, with intricate guitar lines and impressively strong vocals. One highlight was the band leaving the stage during "Alter/Mary," leaving vocalist Shane Told to finish the song. With stunning visuals and beautiful distortion, the whole room stopped, entirely entranced by the music.

For both die-hard fans and those new to their discography, the night they celebrated the band's legacy and a promise of more to come. The combination of old and new songs highlighted the band's evolution and their ability to maintain the sound that has taken them so far.

Silverstein Setlist:

  1. Bad Habits
  2. Smile in Your Sleep
  3. On Brave Mountains We Conquer
  4. In Silent Seas We Drown
  5. Infinite
  6. Massachusetts
  7. California
  8. Ultraviolet
  9. The Altar/Mary
  10. This Is How
  11. This Is How the Wind Shifts
  12. A Better Place
  13. To Live and to Lose
  14. The Afterglow
  15. Smashed Into Pieces
  16. Your Sword Versus My Dagger
  17. Hide Your Secrets
  18. With Second Chances
  19. One Step Closer (Linkin Park cover)
  20. My Heroine


  1. Stand Amid the Roar
  2. In a Place of Solace
  3. Arrivals
  4. Departures

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