The Driver Era @ The Marquee

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Sep 2, 2022
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The Driver Era brought their U.S. Summer tour to Tempe, AZ for a steamy night of singing and dancing. The dynamic duo of brothers, Ross and Rocky Lynch, had The Marquee Theater packed to the brim with screaming fans eager to welcome the duo back to the valley, and they did not disappoint- the night was electrifying to say the least.

After a decade of performing as R5 alongside siblings and family friends, the group’s split early last year allowed for the two Lynch brothers to experiment with their own style of alternative rock—welcoming a circle of new listeners to their side. Like the band name, the music of The Driver Era captures a certain classic feeling while looking toward tomorrow. With the two brothers, Ross and Rocky Lynch, writing, performing, and producing most of the tracks, their stylistically unpredictable pop flourishes in their music.

A benefit to seeing TDE live is that you’re able to hear Ross’ vocals in real time. There’s a brightness and strength in his voice that pairs wonderfully with the band’s playful and experimental production elements. The Driver Era headline set was unbelievable. From the stage production to the song selection, every second of the 24-song set list was memorable. 

This is a band for everyone and whether you listened to R5 back in 2010 or you started listening with Malibu last week, they put on a show you don’t want to miss! Tour dates and information can be found at


  1. Keep Moving Forward
  2. Natural
  3. flashdrive
  4. Malibu
  5. Take Me Away
  6. Heart of Mine
  7. Preacher Man
  8. Low
  9. When You Need a Man
  10. Bronco
  11. San Francisco
  12. Places
  13. Giveuwhatuwant
  14. Rock With You (Michael Jackson Cover)
  15. Heaven Angel
  16. Scared of Heights
  17. Loud (R5 Cover)
  18. On My Own
  19. Nobody Knows
  20. Cali Girls (R5 Cover)
  21. Feel You Know
  22. Fade
  23. Afterglow
  24. A Kiss

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