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Traitors Unleash "Unhinged"

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Aug 2, 2023
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As a resident of Fort Myers, Traitors have earned my fandom. Nobody represents Fort Myers harder than these hardcore vets. At their recent hometown show in Tampa, I even got concussed due to the brutality they unleash. The Florida boys are known for bringing chaotic energy to their tracks, allowing the crowd to let go of their pent-up rage. Their latest self-released single, "Unhinged," showcases another level of violence.

Photo by Jackson Tujo at Nice Guys Pizza in Cape Coral

"Unhinged" is driven by vocalist Tyler Shelton's performance. With every release, he seems to unlock a new level of violence--like a video game villain. The lyrics are just as condemning, "You are a bunch of ****ing animals, feeding on the young like a bunch of ****ing cannibals." Is it a commentary on religious indoctrination, or a commentary on recent events in Florida? I do not know, but the track goes remarkably hard.

However, it is the instrumental soundscape that shines the most. The track includes a seemingly endless amount of tempo changes and breakdowns. Traitors' drummer, Stephen Arrango's superb drum performance hits like a powerful artillery. My favorite moment occurs during the ending fakeout, then a cymbal crashes and a heinous breakdown, leaving the listener speechless to end the track.

There is no better descriptor for this track than the title, "Unhinged." Traitors show off just how violent they can be from beginning to end. However, it does not sound like heaviness for the sake of heaviness. The track feels relatively controlled, keeping the listener and their expectations in the palm of their hand. With "Unhinged," I expect we will see many more traumatic brain injuries in the Traitors' pit.

Listen to "Unhinged" Below:

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