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Underoath Throws Out a "Lifeline" to Anyone Drowning

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Jun 30, 2023
2 min read

If you are a metal fan, the word Underoath means something. Whether it is their truly influential albums to metalcore like Defining the Great Line, They’re Only Chasing Safety, or their radio hit Erase Me that come to mind. Their latest album Voyeurist was well-received by both old-school and new fans alike. Their newest single “Lifeline (Drowning)”, released June 30th, continues their new heavy yet melodic brand. 

The first thing to stand out is the intricate atmosphere created by the production. Aaron Gillespie’s vocals wash over you and immerse you in the emotion of drowning. Courtesy of The Syn, Underoath describes the new single as a cry for help and the feeling of drowning in toxic situations and relationships. They convey that emotion well and the subject matter is sure to be relatable for many listeners.

The chorus “Feel like I’m drowning, feel like I’m in too deep” is massive and will surely be a hit during live performances. However, the breakdown, that the song builds up to, feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. The instruments slow down and absolutely rip. However, Spencer Chamberlin’s vocals sound completely washed out when they should have had a much larger impact. 

“Lifeline (Drowning)” has the grand production and the relatability to be Underoath’s next big hit. Although it does sound like a continuation of Erase Me and Voyeurist, I can’t help but feel like the old-school fans may be a bit let down due to the signature heaviness of Underoath being a bit of an afterthought on this track. However, if you like their newer songs such as: “Rapture” and “ihateit”, this is right up your alley. 


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