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Until I Wake Welcomes You to "Fool's Paradise"

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Sep 29, 2023
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Photo by Adam Seitz

I am a massive, longtime, Until I Wake fan. I have always loved their unique melodic mix of metalcore. With "Fool's Paradise," released on September 29th via Fearless Records, they lean into their rock sensibilities. This may lead to mixed reactions, but I love their melodic route with their new singles.

Fool's Paradise Cover Art

With the release of "Fool's Paradise," Until I Wake dropped a music video directed by Blackwolf Imaging promoting the track. Honestly, the music video is rather tacky; it looks like something from a bad, old Sharknado movie. The good takeaway is that it conveys the emotion of the song well.

The track is incredibly well-produced. Every aspect sounds crisp. I enjoy the synths, keys, and the overall atmosphere of the song. "Fool's Paradise" switches tempo often; the end of the verses build anticipation for the massive choruses that Until I Wake is known for.

The breakdown feels forced and a bit of an afterthought. This is a current trend in modern metalcore, as seen in newer The Word Alive and Bad Omens tracks. I am not a fan; if a band wants to make an alt-rock track, they should feel free to do so. However, placing a breakdown in the bridge for the sole purpose of being considered a metalcore track feels disingenuous.

"Fool's Paradise" is a solid track and leans into what Until I Wake does well– a rager with a massive chorus. However, the track offers nothing new that the band or their contemporaries have not done before. It is an enjoyable listen, but if you wait for their new album or EP, you are not necessarily missing out.

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