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Waterparks Release Long Teased Song "REAL SUPER DARK"

Music Scene Media
Jan 27, 2023
2 min read

Waterparks is back with a new song, and they did not come to mess around. Back in 2022, the genre-bending rock band teased the title of a track called “REAL SUPER DARK” over a few months via a bass drum displaying the words “REAL,” “SUPER,” and “DARK” interchangeably. Now, Waterparks has finally released “REAL SUPER DARK” as the fourth single off their upcoming fifth studio album, Intellectual Property.

From singer Awsten Knight’s growled vocals to guitarist Geoff Wigington and drummer Otto Wood’s loud, dense, distorted instrumentals, “REAL SUPER DARK” is a much heavier, darker track than all of Intellectual Property‘s previous singles. Plain-spoken, uncompromising, and at times caustic, the lyrics read as if they are a stream of consciousness pulled from an anger-induced panic attack. The song’s hardcore sound helps to convey the outrage and alarm expressed lyrically, with lines such as:

My fans are the best
They’d love me more dead
But man, I can’t die ’til I finish the album
’Cause if I could time it right, shit could go platinum
But baby, it’s getting too loud.


“REAL SUPER DARK” is a compelling, passionate track that emits so many all-consuming feelings of anger and anxiety that the listener feels like the one having the emotional breakdown. There is power in the ability to teleport an audience into the emotions and mind frame of the moment that inspired a song. The frenetic sound of “REAL SUPER DARK” perfectly emulates that mind-racing feeling that comes with an anxiety attack. The raw, unembellished lyrics are flawlessly paired with that fast-paced sonic intensity in such a way that makes you mentally, physically, and emotionally able to feel this song.

If “Real Super Dark” and its predecessors are a glimpse into what to expect from Waterparks on Intellectual Property, then the world should prepare to be mesmerized. Make sure to mark April 14th on the calendar because this album will be one for the books.


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