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Alt-J Celebrates 10 years of An Awesome Wave in Nashville, TN

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Nov 29, 2023
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The temperature was low, but the anticipation was palpable as a sold-out crowd gathered to witness the 10 year anniversary tour of Alt-J’s debut album, An Awesome Wave. 

The first and only opening act was Meagre Martin, the 3-piece indie band based in Berlin. Playing hits off of their latest record, Gut Punch, the group did an amazing job warming up the crowd. People around me were dancing, swaying, and nodding along to their catchy melodies and groovy beats. Vocalist Sarah Martin did an incredible job of drawing in the crowd. Showing off her impressive vocal range she was able to draw them in with softer, slower verses only to resolve them in satisfying and powerful choruses. 

Meagre Martin Setlist:

  1. Amerika
  2. All My Thoughts
  3. Frankie
  4. Please Clap
  5. Undercover
  6. Pause
  7. Mountain
  8. Malcolm

After a 20 minute set break, alt-J took the stage to the screams and cheers of fans. They wasted no time getting to the music, and began the night by playing An Awesome Wave in it’s entirety, a rare treat. Beginning with “Intro”, a powerful track, slowly working its way up from a slow piano beginning, it really established their presence and reminded the crowd of all they have to look forward to. Jumping from the powerful instrumentals straight into “Interlude 1”, a completely acapella track, the band  showed their extreme range in ability. The audience was completely hooked. 

The band took a moment before the final track of the album to say thank you to the fans for still supporting this record, and how blown away the British band was by its overwhelmingly positive reception in the United States. Being able to sell out a show by playing a 10-year old album is no easy feat, yet something alt-J has done with ease. 

The 3-piece band has no shortage of talent, hitting every note and every riff to perfection. Fans were either blown away by the music, staring in awe at the stage, or dancing along and singing with their friends, completely lost in the moment. 

After playing the debut album straight through the band kept going, treating fans to 6 songs from their discography, and 2 more in an encore. Their 5 albums display a wide range of music, and being able to play a little bit from everyone was for sure a hit with the crowd. 

Alt-J's sold-out show at Marathon Music Works in Nashville was a testament to the band's enduring impact on the music scene. Fans got a real treat, hearing deep tracks from An Awesome Wave that have never been played live before. Their genre-bending sound, coupled with a visually stunning live performance, created an unforgettable night for their diverse fan base. WIth more than one person still singing on their way out of the venue, it was clear this Nashville show was not just a concert but a testament to the unifying force of music. 

Alt-J Setlist:

  1. Intro (An Awesome Wave)
  2. Interlude 2
  3. Tessellate
  4. Breezeblocks
  5. Interlude 2
  6. Something Good
  7. Dissolve Me
  8. Matilda
  9. Ms
  10. Fitzpleasure
  11. Interlude 3
  12. Bloodflood
  13. Taro
  14. Hand-Made

Set 2:

  1. Chicago
  2. Deadcrush
  3. U&ME
  4. The Gospel of John Hurt
  5. Every Other Freckle
  6. In Cold Blood


  1. Hard Drive Gold
  2. Left Hand Free

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