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Chappell Roan, Authentically Herself

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Sep 14, 2023
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Image: Ryan Clemens

Chappell Roan’s debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, will be released in just a few weeks on September 22nd, 2023. If you somehow have never heard of Chappell Roan, just know that her music is what chromatic glitter would sound like. Chappell Roan was born Kayleigh Rose Amstutz and grew up in Missouri. In 2017, she released her first EP, School Nights. This EP was more dark and mysterious, and the opposite of what it is now. Chappell Roan really found her sound in pop. 

In 2020, her single “Pink Pony Club” was released. It is an eccentric song with synth beats, guitar solos, and describes finding yourself in LA. The song tells the story of a girl who leaves behind the midwest, moves to LA, and becomes a gogo dancer. The song changed a lot for Chappell and became an instant hit in my book. 

Her music has become a space for her and her fans to feel free and welcome, all while having fun. In a press conference, she said, “My music is an outlet for me to feel safer and give other people a space to express their queerness.”

Her most recent single, “HOT TO GO!”, was released in August. The song is inspired by wanting to be a cheerleader when she was younger. The music video features her hometown, her grandparents, and a cheer of its own. At a press conference with 1824, I asked Chappell Roan what her cheer squad would be called if she had one. She laughed and said that “Pink Ponies” would be too obvious, so she went with “Hollywood Whores”. 

Fans of Chappell Roan (including me!) are eagerly awaiting the release of The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess next week. The album is sure to be full of dance, synth, and pop, but also emotionally vulnerable tracks. In her press conference, she reiterated over and over that this album is made for her and her fans to just have fun, and to find themselves while doing it.

Roan’s first headlining tour sold out, and she is embarking on her second tour in just a few weeks! She has opened for Fletcher and Olivia Rodrigo (who just announced her as an opener on the GUTS tour). On her tour, she is collaborating with local drag queens to open for her and is partnering with For The Gworls. She is donating $1 per ticket to go towards assisting Black transgender people with gender-affirming surgery and rent. Each show will also have a different theme that fans are encouraged to dress up for. Themes include: “Pink Pony Club” (pink cowgirl), “Kaleidoscope” (rainbow), “My Kink is Karma” (red and black), and Halloween. 

• Find her tour dates here

• Pre-order/pre-save The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess here

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