Haley Wittmer

Demi Lovato Revamps Old Fan-Favorites

Music Scene Media
Sep 15, 2023
1 min read

Demi Lovato has returned to the scene with Revamped, their latest full-length album that features ten re-recorded rock versions of the singer’s hit songs. Prior to the album’s release, Lovato dropped four singles, including: “Heart Attack - Rock Version,” “Cool for the Summer - Rock version,” “Sorry Not Sorry - Rock Version,” and “Confident - Rock Version.” Revamped includes some special guests, with Slash, The Maine, Nita Strauss, and Bert McCracken lending Lovato a hand.

Lovato previously performed live rock versions of several of these songs during their last tour, which is where the idea to re-record came about. In an interview with Will Richard for NME, Lovato said, “I wanted to pay homage to the songs that resonated the most with fans and played a big role in my career by breathing an exciting new life into them.” 

Revamped opens with the album’s four singles, including “Sorry Not Sorry (with Slash).” Following the singles, we dig a little deeper into Lovato’s discography with re-recorded versions of “Neon Lights - Rock Version” featuring The Maine and “Give Your Heart A Break - Rock Version” featuring Bert McCracken of The Used. Other fan-favorites on the album include two track’s from Lovato’s debut album, “Don’t Forget - Rock Version” and “La La Land (feat. Nita Strauss) - Rock Version.” 

While in the re-recording process, Lovato didn’t want to make too many changes to her original tracks. According to Rolling Stone journalist, Tomas Meier, Lovato only altered the melodies, lyrics, and vocal notes where they felt it was absolutely neccesary. If you listen closely, you’ll hear some lyrical changes to the new versions of “Cool for the Summer” and “Tell Me You Love Me.” Overall, Demi Lovato’s idea to re-record rock versions of these beloved tracks was a brilliant move. As a long-time fan, I have adored hearing these reimagined versions of songs I grew up listening to; and I’m sure many other fans would agree! 

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