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The Road to "Everything Bleeds" with Crown Magnetar

Music Scene Media
Aug 1, 2023
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Photo thanks to Unique Leader Records
Album Artwork by Caelan Stokkermans

I had the absolute pleasure of having a conversation with Dan Tucker of Colorado based deathcore band Crown Magnetar regarding the band's most recent release: Everything Bleeds. From album is out now via Unique Leader Records and has 10 of the most disgusting and insane deathcore songs you could imagine. Dan & Music Scene Media (MSM) talked about past and upcoming tours as well as dream collaborations! I guarantee this won't be the last time we hear of Crown Magnetar!

MSM: I personally saw Crown Magnetar for the first time on the 2022 “Dead in My Arms Tour” supporting Carnifex. Can you tell us about the experience and what that tour was like for you all?

DAN: The “Dead in My Arms Tour” was definitely a special tour. It was the 15 year anniversary tour for the legendary Carnifex album Dead in My Arms, so there was a lot of hype around it. Plus we got to tour with some other killer bands, Spite, Oceano & Left to Suffer.

MSM: How did that tour compare to your experience on the 2023 Chaos and Carnage Tour?

DAN: Both tours were killer. Schedule was a little different because C&C had twice as many bands haha. But both were bucket list tours for us. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage on both tours with bands that have influenced us as a band, and who we listened to growing up, so that was really awesome for us.

MSM: According to Spotify, this is the first full-length album for the band on Unique Leader Records, so can you tell us how it was working on this album? Or, if Spotify is incorrect, can you correct the narrative for us?

DAN: "Everything Bleeds" is indeed the first full length we’ve released via ULR. We began writing these tracks back in a bit before the Carnifex tour and finished up after. This was probably the smoothest writing cycle we had ever had and same with tracking. We all were on the same page about what we wanted to do with this record and we were able to really expand on our song while still staying true to our original sound.

MSM: Overall, is the vibe leaning towards releasing full length albums, E.P.s, or individual singles?

DAN: Currently we are working on doing a combination of this and plan on releasing more singles etc in the future.

MSM: While on tour, would you say the band is strictly business focused or is there always time for some fun? If so, what does Crown Magnetar like to do to relax while on tour?

DAN: Usually strictly business, making sure we’re all set for the show and what not but we definitely find time to have fun when we're on the road. We’ve made some great friends touring so sometimes on off days we chill with the other bands, or find a place to swim, get a workout in or go out to eat together.

MSM: Is there a city or state that the band hasn’t been to yet that is on the bucket list to perform at?

DAN: There’s a few states we have not been through as a band, mostly because tours don’t really get booked there. We are however playing our first show in Montana in September with Enterprise Earth on our September tour. So we are definitely stoked to perform to fans who don’t get shows up there often!

MSM: Any possibility of seeing Crown Magnetar going international in the near future?

DAN: We are absolutely trying to get across the pond asap. We’re lucky enough to have a great fan base in the EU as well as the US so we’d love to get over there soon and give everyone the live Crown experience.

MSM: Who would the dream collaboration or feature on a Crown Magnetar track be?

DAN: As a band we have many different influences,  from metalcore bands to brutal death. I think a dream collab would be something with CJ of Thy Art Is Murder or Jonny Davy of JFAC.

MSM: I know the album, Everything Bleeds, just came out on the 14th of July, but is there anything coming up you can share with fans?

DAN: We are in the beginning stages of working on our 3rd LP and are working on a bunch of potential tours at the moment. So expect to see a lot of Crown Magnetar in the near future!

Be sure to catch Crown Magnetar on The Fear & Dagger North America Tour 2023 supporting Paleface Swiss alongside Enterprise Earth & VCTMS or on one of the off tour dates with Enterprise Earth.

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