Benjamin Ingrosso Brings The Tour Finale To Gröna Lund

Benjamin Ingrosso ended his summer tour with a performance at Gröna Lund in Stockholm. The evening was filled with high energy, heartfelt gratitude, and pure joy as Benjamin took the stage accompanied by his band.

The night kicked off with "Better Days", "Dancing On A Sunny Day," and moved on to "Tror Du Att Han Bryr Sig", a very well known and popular tune that made the crowd sing out loud and set the tone for the rest of the night. Throughout his performance, Benjamin's personality and commanding stage presence resonated well with the audience. 

The setlist featured a diverse range of songs, from the emotional "Långsamt Farväl" to the catchy "All Night Long." The stage design and lighting added to the show, complemented by Benjamin and the band's stylish outfits that kept the crowd visually engaged.

Benjamin's genuine interactions with the audience further solidified his connection with his devoted fan base. He recognized familiar faces in the crowd, evidence of the strong community he has built throughout his career. Benjamin recently celebrated his 26th birthday, which the audience celebrated by singing the birthday song to him. Benjamin interacted often and well with the crowd, acknowledging the audience from the back to the balcony and beyond, making them all feel seen and appreciated.

Before singing "Det Stora Röda Huset," Benjamin shared nostalgic memories of him as a kid, spending the summers at his grandparents' home, where he used to eat cheese sandwiches with cucumber and learn to play the piano. Sharing this was a nice personal touch that allowed the audience to see the man behind the music.

Towards the end of the night, confetti filled the air, and Benjamin's boundless energy and performance were on full display. He danced with enthusiasm, and radiated positivity, passion, and an undeniable love for what he does. 

As Benjamin bid farewell to the tour, he expressed that it had been the best summer of his life. Finishing the show with "Allt Det Vackra" was a nice touch to the night and although summer and the tour might have come to an end, it felt hopeful and like an appreciation of it all.

The cheers for Benjamin, the band, and the crew were heard, and were met with a look of pride and gratitude. While this tour chapter may have ended, Benjamin's journey is set to continue, and we look forward to seeing what other exciting paths it will lead him on.

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