Gabrielle Groves

Diva Bleach Doesn’t Care if You Hate Them

Gabrielle Groves
May 31, 2024
1 min read
Photo Courtesy of Diva Bleach's Facebook

Diva Bleach doesn’t need anyone's opinion; they’re doing just fine. They’re part of a massive upcoming tour, have a growing fanbase, and released a new song titled “Hate Me” on May 31.

With this new single, the alt-pop band from Phoenix, Arizona, is making their presence felt—and letting critics know that they couldn’t care less about their negative remarks. The upbeat song has an energy akin to that of fellow alternative and pop-rock artists such as Taylor Acorn, Charlotte Sands, and We Are The In Crowd, but in Diva Bleach’s own “sparkly” style. Lead singer and bassist Sydney Roten says, " "Hate Me" is about being unapologetically yourself despite what anyone else might think." This is a message that is especially relevant now as comments on social media seem to be getting worse and people can write whatever they want with little to no consequences.

The band stresses the fact that trying to be someone else so that people will like you never ends well. They do this while creating an authentic anthem that doesn't sound cliché or like it's pandering to a certain audience, which can sometimes be difficult with these types of songs. The chorus of "Hate Me" allows fans to scream these words in a therapeutic way:

I don't care if I'm alone. I don't need no one to save me. Forget all I've ever known. I kinda hope that they all hate me

The former trio-turned-duo consisting of Roten and guitarist Brie Ritter has been releasing music since 2021. “Hate Me” marks their twelfth single to date and their fourth since signing with InVogue Records in July. They’ll likely be playing many of these songs on the fifth Sad Summer Festival tour, which has a stacked line-up including Mayday Parade, The Maine, We The Kings, Hot Milk, and more.

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