Matt Benton

T-Pain Invites Dallas, TX to his Mansion in Wiscansin

Matt Benton
May 31, 2024
5 min read

Dallas, and several other areas in Texas, just got hit by a massive storm. School just let out and summer vacation started. For many, it started with power outages and listening to tornado sirens fill the air as thunder, hail, and rain crashed around us. A lot of people were feeling the stress and panic. People needed a night to just forget everything going on. Well. Not only did the Dallas Mavericks win and become the Western Conference Champions, but T-Pain brought the Mansion in Wiscansin Tour to South Side Ballroom on May 30th. Bringing out Young Cash, NandoSTL, and LaRussell (on select dates), 4,000 fans got to party the night away and have themselves a night to remember

After a bit of crowd-work karaoke, the night started off with Young Cash. Fresh off of celebrating his birthday from the night prior and still celebrating as he took the stage in Dallas, TX, Young Cash was greeted with a roar of applause. With a stage presence that would have convinced you that he has been doing this for decades, Young Cash continuously increased the energy from the crowd song after song.

As the crowd was still buzzing, NandoSTL took the stage. Effortlessly blending rap, hip-hop, and a little bit of gospel sound, NandoSTL had the crowd going borderline insane. One moment that stuck out to me was during his set when slipped a quick little metalcore-style scream. I certainly had to go and pick my jaw off the floor.

As if the night couldn't get any better, LaRussell took the stage next. Starting your set off with a violin solo? I don't think I have ever experienced that before. And speaking of new experiences, I've never seen an artist run around a stage as much as LaRussell! And that's not even including the moments when he was running on the PA speakers and joining the crowd for several songs. Just when you thought to yourself, "surely he is done interacting with the crowd now", he had several fans join him on stage. During LaRussell's time on stage, it felt less like a concert and more of someone hanging out and partying with his friends. A truly remarkable expierence.

I don't know if you've ever been in a room with 4,000 people before. I don't know if you've ever been in a room with 4,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs while creating so much noise that you think the building will collapse. That is the best description I can give as T-Pain took the stage at South Side Ballroom. The CEO of Nappy Boy Entertainment, dressed in his Friday best, walked onto the stage with the confidence of someone who has been killing the music game for over 20 years.

Let's be honest, if you were in elementary and middle school in the early 2000's, T-Pain was everywhere. Whether it was the people shitting on him for being an "autotune rapper" (they're as wrong as the people who still say Nickelback isn't good) or a school dance or getting a burnt CD with the "best summer jams" from a friend, T-Pain's style and ability to produce nothing but bangers is undeniable. Every song he is featured on is a certified banger (you know you absolutely adored him on The Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat". Don't lie). With such hits in his arsenal like "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)", "Bartender", "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')", "Up Down", & countless others, the entire crowd was a sea of people jumping, dancing, singing, and having an all around amazing time. The only thing that could be comparable to his musical abilities is his dancing skills. Is there anything T-Pain can't do?

If you've gotten to this part and haven't dropped everything to go see T-Pain live, you're messing up.

Go and party at the MANSION IN WISCANSIN.

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