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Enter Shikari and AViVA Join Forces to Release New Single “STRANGERS”

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Nov 14, 2023
1 min read
Photo Credit: Paul Harries

The new collaboration between Enter Shikari and AViVA is as intense and incredible as their respective fan bases would expect. The genre-blending sounds on “STRANGERS” is brilliant and convey the artists’ strengths in abundance. A song depicting the raw emotion left behind after the loss of an established connection, be that a friendship or any relationship, is identifiable to everyone who listens. The pure voice of AViVA, adding a beautifully enchanting element, mixed back with the electro-pop sounds, ensures the listener is drawn in completely from start to finish. 

After Enter Shikari and AViVA toured successfully together in 2022, a collaborative single seems like an obvious follow-on.  

Enter Shikari, a UK-based Rock band from St. Albans, formed in 1999. Their eclectic alternative rock / electronic sounds have captivated audiences for decades. The award-winning group consists of four long-standing members: Chris Batten on bass; Rou Reynolds as vocalist and keyboardist; Rob Rolfe on drums and Rory Clewlow as guitarist. They have an impressive back catalog of songs, including their biggest hit “Sorry You’re Not a Winner” released in 2007 from their Take to the Skies debut album, and “The Void Stares Back” released in 2022.  

Classically trained, Australian-born AViVA exudes dynamic talent. This singer, songwriter, and author produces thought-provoking lyrics consistently, with her original and compelling voice, simply adored by fans. 

The current European tour for Enter Shikari will soon be heading on to Australia, finishing off in the UK early in 2024.

What a treat for fans to be offered this wonderfully raw song, a masterpiece from the innovative band, Enter Shikari in collaboration with AViVA. You can listen to “STRANGERS” here.

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