Matt Benton

Eyes Set To Kill Lead Us Into the "Wilderness"

Matt Benton
Jul 10, 2024
3 min read
Single Artwork from Eyes Set To Kill's Facebook

Stop everything you're doing because scene/screamo royalty Eyes Set To Kill is back with a brand new single and it is an obvious choice for song of the year! Featuring Jeremy Anderson from RVNT and the return of Anissa Rodriguez, "Wilderness" has everything in a classic ESTK track while also incorporating a wave of freshness that makes everything you need in a song and more.

If you're anything like me, some of your favorite bands were found while searching the suggested videos on YouTube or the "similar artists" tab on a site that rhymes with "schimewire." If you happened to be doing that around 2008, you probably came across a little ol' track by the name of "Darling" off an album called Reach, and after hearing that song, your life changed forever. Eyes Set To Kill has done nothing but release banger after banger after banger, like 2009's The World Outside, 2010's Broken Frames, 2013's Masks, and 2018's Eyes Set To Kill. Did I just list their entire discography as bangers? Yes. Yes, I did. And I'm going to list "Wilderness" up there too!

The song immediately starts with Alexia Rodriguez singing with that iconic "ESTK tone" and leads fans on a musical journey that leaves you wanting to cry while screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Accompanied by a masterclass level of drumming by Caleb Clifton and the crunchiest basslines from Anissa Rodriguez, this track leaves you headbanging the entire time. As the band takes you on an epic musical journey we get to a point where the song drops and touring member Jeremy Anderson unleashes nothing short of a pristine scream build-up as the track drops into a mesmerizing breakdown! When I tell you I've gone back just to play that breakdown several times, I'm not lying.

Eyes Set To Kill is currently finishing up their Into the Wilderness with 15 Years of Reach Tour with some Texas dates and the final date being in Arizona. With some time to rest and recharge, the band will be heading out in support of Alesena from the 17th - 27th of October (minus the When We Were Young Festival dates). If you have the chance to see ESTK live, do not miss that opportunity.

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