Matt Benton

Great American Ghost Leave Us "Forsaken"

Matt Benton
Jul 10, 2024
3 min read
Photo from Great American Ghost's Facebook

After signing to SharpTone Records and the release of "Hymn of Decay," fans have been waiting patiently to see what Great American Ghost was going to release next. Holy shit. The wait might have felt like forever but it was most certainly worth it as the band has just released their newest single "Forsaken." If this track is any indication as to the future of Great American Ghost, I cannot wait for it because "Forsaken" has scratched every itch possible.

Single Artwork from Great American Ghost's Facebook

"Forsaken" is an absolute banger right from the start as Great American Ghost unleashes a barrage of riffs, blast beats, and guttural vocals. Guitarists Niko Gasparrini & Grayson Stewart do nothing but show their mastery of guitar as they unleash hell all while bassist Anthony Laur keeps the heavy going. One of the best things about the song has to be the haunting guitar bend that is constant throughout while vocalist Ethan Harrison delivers a crushing wave of lyrics that leaves the hair on the back of your neck standing. With lyrics like "Absolution is all a fucking lie" and "I'm forsaken in the eyes of God," I can only imagine what this song would sound like live as fans are screaming the lyrics back as loud as they possibly can. When speaking on the track, Harrison had this to say:

This is the best song Great American Ghost has created up to this point in our career. This is a song I wrote from a place of hopelessness and nihilism. The world is getting worse by the second and the people meant to have our best interest in mind are doing nothing but enriching themselves while it burns. Something needs to change now or someday this will all end. That's what this song is about; the end.

(Quote Credit: Lambgoat)

I also hope you like breakdowns because the last minute of the song is one of the most disgusting breakdowns ever to have blessed my ears; truly a breakdown to end all breakdowns.

Be sure to give the track a listen and decide for yourself whether or not this is truly the best Great American Ghost song ever created.

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