Haley Wittmer

Greta Van Fleet Proclaim “It’s All For You!” With Their Latest Single

Music Scene Media
Jun 16, 2023
1 min read

“Farewell For Now” is the third single from Greta Van Fleet’s upcoming album, Starcatcher. Due to release next month, Starcatcher will be the band’s third studio album. As a whole, the album is said to be “going back to the days in the garage.” “Farewell For Now” does just that; the track is reminiscent of the band’s earlier works. Musically, it reminds me of their TikTok hit “You’re The One” with an electric-edge to it. Lyrically, it’s a love letter to fans.

The song opens with a guitar riff, quickly followed by the drums starting up. By the time the first verse begins, we’re surrounded by waves of nostalgia for a night that hasn’t even ended yet. The first verse opens with the line, “We have shared with you our stories / had ourselves a really big time.” It’s clear that the band is reminiscing on the show they’ve just played, sad to be leaving so soon. Upon releasing the single, bassist Sam Kiszka said, “In Farewell For Now we express the sentiment of our longing to stay on stage and savor the magic created by the audience-music phenomena. But we must pack up and go to the next place to do it all over again; as always, we’ll be back soon.” It’s a beautiful sentiment to fans, whose feelings of not wanting the night to end are validated by the band they’ve come to see.

In the chorus, the band sings “And I wish we all could stay / but I bid you a farewell / and it means the world to play.” Greta Van Fleet’s gratitude and love for their fans is evident as the song continues on. The climax of the song comes two-thirds of the way through with Jake Kiszka leading the way on guitar. To close it out, the band continues to shower listeners with love, proclaiming “It’s all for you.” What a beautiful sentiment to close a show and an album with. 

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