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Incubus: The US Tour 2023

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Jul 30, 2023
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Alternative rock band Incubus took TCU Amphitheater by storm last Friday night, and the 100° heat index was not going to stop the thousands of excited fans. The Indianapolis date was the sixth stop of the 29-show US Tour. I will be truthful and say Incubus is not my normal sound, so I was stoked to be able to experience a new live music environment.

Incubus was formed in 1991 by vocalist Brandon Boyd, lead guitarist Mike Einziger, and drummer José Pasillas while the members were still in high school. The group later expanded to welcome bassist Ben Kenney and keyboardist Chris Kilmore. The band has since reached multi-platinum sales, with their sixth studio album debuting at No. 1 in 2006.

The first opener to grace the stage was Indie artist Paris Jackson. On her debut album, Wilted, Paris worked with the Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull and Robert Mcdowell. The set opened with “Lighthouse”, the song that introduced the singer to the grunge scene. As the music continued, the crowd became less and less bothered by the smothering humidity and began to jump and dance. Paris was, without a doubt, the perfect start to the night.

Setlist (Via Setlist.FM)

  1. Lighthouse
  2. Hit Your Knees
  3. My Friend Marcus
  4. Bandaid
  5. No Rain
  6. Something

Shortly after, anticipation began building in the air. The second artist on the lineup was the American hard rock quartet Badflower. Formed in 2008 under the name The Cartunes, the group self-released an EP in 2011. After losing their bass player and guitarist, the band reformed as Badflower. Consisting of singer/guitarist Josh Katz, guitarist Joey Morrow, bassist Alex Espiritu, and drummer Anthony Sonetti, the group fit the energy of the evening perfectly.

After beginning with their song “Don’t Hate Me”, I was hooked immediately. The audience consistently grew louder and louder as the band continued with fan favorites such as “Heroin” and “Ghost”. I went home after this show and listened to so many Badflower songs, and I cannot insist enough that you need to do the same.

Setlist (Via Setlist FM)

  1. Don’t Hate Me
  2. Johnny Wants to Fight
  3. Fukboi
  4. Heroin
  5. The Jester
  6. Ghost
  7. Stalker
  8. 30

Finally, the venue slowly began to become more and more full as the time inched closer and closer to Incubus coming onto the stage. Ear-shattering screams erupted once the band came into eyeshot, and not a single person in the crowd could stand still as the set opened with “Magic Medicine”. Playing other songs such as “Nice to Know You”, “Glass”, and a cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together”, the passion of the group never faltered.

Frontman Brandon Boyd thanked the crowd for being there with them and made sure each and every person knew how important it was to stay hydrated. The encore kicked off with “Vitamin”, and the show closed out with “Drive”. I talked to many of the fans on the barricade between artists, and so many of them were so excited for Incubus. I know all of their expectations were met because I had never heard of the band and had an absolutely incredible time.

Setlist (Via Setlist FM)

  1. Magic Medicine
  2. Privilege
  3. Anna Molly
  4. Just a Phase
  5. Nice to Know You
  6. Glitterbomb
  7. The Warmth
  8. Make Yourself
  9. Karma, Come Back
  10. Come Together (The Beatles Cover)
  11. Sick Sad Little World
  12. Glass
  13. Are You In?
  14. Pardon Me
  15. Stellar
  16. Dig
  17. Wish You Were Here
  18. Vitamin
  19. Drive

The remaining dates of the Incubus US Tour 2023 are listed below!

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