Matt Benton

Paleface Swiss Bring the Heavy to Dallas, TX

Music Scene Media
Oct 7, 2023
5 min read

I don't think Gilley's Lonestar Room in Dallas, TX was ready for the heavy that took place on the 4th of October. From a torrential thunderstorm to some heavy breakdowns, the night was full of, you guessed it, the heavy. Paleface Swiss brought The Fear & Dagger North America Tour 2023 with some help from Crown Magnetar, VCTMS, & Enterprise Earth for one of the best shows of the year.

Crown Magnetar kicked the night off right. The band informed the crowd that they were late due to van troubles, but all that did was simply add to the anger and aggression of the band's sound. With their recent album release, Everything Bleeds, the band has been skyrocketing to popularity. And who can blame them? While the album is nothing short of a deathcore masterpiece, their live performance is equally as tremendous. From demon-like vocals to nonstop headbanging and blast beats, I'm surprised the crowd didn't pass out from exhaustion.

VCTMS took the stage next and had some big shoes to fill. But, that was no challenge as they immediately broke into some of the chunkiest and heaviest breakdowns ever heard in Dallas, TX. My last time seeing the band was back during the So What?! festival and the afterparty they played, and they've been on repeat ever since. With Vol. V: The Hurt Collection coming out on the 13th of October, I guarantee the band will continue to climb the charts and be a household name by the end of the year. At the very least, they'll be a household name in Dallas because I promise you that at one point in the night, the crowd was louder than the band. Come on. Tell me that Dallas doesn't love VCTMS. You can't.

It came to that point of the night for one of my personal favorite bands to take the stage: Enterprise Earth. If you're a long time reader of Music Scene Media, you'll know that I've covered the band a few times at shows and have done a few single reviews as well. And, who can blame me? The band absolutely smacks! I think this is my 6th time seeing them perform and they've done nothing but improve each and every time. From the vocals shaking your bones to bass-lines that rearrange your insides to some of the most beautiful guitar work that leaves you in tears, Enterprise Earth knows how to put on a show. The crowd in the Lonestar Room obviously felt the same way I do because I swear the ground was shaking from people moshing and losing their minds in the pit.

It was finally time for the headliner to claim their throne. The band needs no introduction, but I'll give them one anyway. Switzerland's Finest Cheese Factory with a focus on Slamming Beatdown and an extra taste of Hardcore: PALEFACE SWISS. I don't know when the band exploded into popularity, but unless you've been living under a rock for the past 3 years, there is no way you haven't heard about Paleface Swiss. The band brings the absolute heaviest of the heavies, while also being so kind spoken and truly appreciative of every fan and opportunity given. The last time they came through Dallas was in support of Bodysnatcher, so it is only fitting that they came back again as headliners.

The stage presence the band has is like no other. The sound the band has is unmatched. The levels of insanity that the crowd gives off during the set is ... well it is insane. Paleface Swiss came to Dallas with one goal: to give the people a reason to throwdown in the pit. And they delivered that goal. From a giant circle pit to intense mosh pits to crowd surfers, including the lead vocalist from VCTMS, the air was electrified as the band demolished Dallas, TX. If they are this good on a small stage, I can only imagine what the band must be like and sound like on a festival stage. Fingers crossed the people of Dallas get to experience that soon.

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