Christy Peterson

Tesseract Kicks Off North American War of Being Tour In Charlotte, NC

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Oct 7, 2023
5 min read

On October 5th, 2023 Tesseract kicked off their North American leg of the War of Being tour at The Underground in Charlotte, NC. Bands Alluvial and Intervals are joining Tesseract on stage for this tour.


Alluvial is a progressive death metal band originally based out of Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, the show was advertised to start at 8:00pm, but the show actually started at 7:30pm, so many people were caught off guard that the show was actually starting. This also led to a good amount of people missing their set, which is really sad because this band is so incredible. They deserved to have all their fans in NC there! Additionally, aside from a few brave souls, most of the crowd was not energetic and barely moved for Alluvial's set, which was very sad to see too. However, the set itself was very good! I didn't expect them to play some of the songs they played, and the ones I expected them to play they surprisingly didn't. They played two new songs, which were both released on October 5th! The songs are titled, "Bog Dweller" and "Fogbelt." It was a great treat to hear those both played! I hope that Alluvial will come through NC again sometime soon so they can get a proper welcome.


Intervals took the stage next. Intervals is extremely consistent every time I have seen them perform! You know exactly what you're going to get with seeing them live. However, their set did surprise me, as they played some older material from In Time. Which was quite a treat! They played songs like, "Epiphany", "Mata Hari" both of which are some of my favorites! The crowd was very into their set as well, everyone was bopping their heads along and at points clapping along to the songs. Overall, they had a very good set and got everyone hyped up for Tesseract! The one thing I was a little disappointed about was how muddy the bass sounded, as it sounds so much clearer in the mix all the other times I have seen them. But that's just one small thing out of the otherwise perfect performance!


Last but not least, Tesseract took the stage. It has been around 5 years since the last time they performed here. I was so excited to see them play again! The sound mix sounded PERFECT for them. The variety in their set was good too. I was expecting them to mostly play songs off of their recent album, War of Being. Which, they did play a few, but it was not an overwhelming amount of songs from that album. They played songs off of every album they have! I could not have been happier with the songs they chose to play, it was a perfect balance of old and new. Some of the songs they played were "Of Mind- Nocturne", "Dystopia", "Legion", "Smile", "The Grey", "War of Being", "Natural Disaster", and more! They crowd was also ecstatic, they were all clapping along and moving through the whole set. There were even crowd surfers, which always catches me off guard for Tesseract shows. We fortunately were even able to get an encore, which consisted of two parts of "Concealing Fate."

This was a phenomenal show to kick off the North American leg of the War of Being tour. They still have many shows to go, so if they are in your town, make sure to check them out!

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