Christy Peterson

Silent Planet Unveils Superbloom: Live in Greensboro, NC

Music Scene Media
Feb 24, 2024
4 min read

The metalcore giants, Silent Planet brought their Superbloom tour to Hangar 1819 in Greensboro, NC on 02/22/24. They performed with acts Johnny Bloom, Aviana, and Thornhill

Due to unfortunate logistical circumstances, I was not able to get inside the venue in time to catch Johnny Bloom’s performance; however, from what I could hear outside of the venue, they sounded like they put on a superb show. It sounded like everyone was having fun, and they really set the vibe for the rest of the night. 

Aviana is a Swedish metalcore band. I recently saw them perform for the first time at Hangar 1819 just a few months ago with the band Invent Animate, and it was great to see them perform again. They put on yet another fantastic show. They have a really unique aesthetic going on with their full black outfits and every member wearing a mask aside from vocalist Joel Holmqvist. They sounded phenomenal! The crowd really seemed to enjoy their set as well. Their setlist consisted of the songs "Rage," "Illuminate," "My Worst Enemy," "Oblivion," "Anomaly," and "Obsession." Every song hit hard, and overall, the performance was amazing! Can't wait to see them perform again. 

Thornhill was next to take the stage. They are an Australian metalcore band. Their vibe was nearly the opposite of Aviana and they brought a really fun and energetic atmosphere to the stage. I really enjoyed their set! The crowd was thrilled as well. There were quite a few crowd surfers and since the venue does not have a barricade to divide the stage and the crowd, vocalist Jacob Charlton was catching the crowd surfers while performing. He still nailed all of his vocals and even ended one song with the funny remark, “I’ve got lungs of steel! I'm security and singing!” During their set, they were joined on stage by Silent Planet guitarist Mitchell Stark and Johnny Booth frontman Andrew Herman for a song. Thornhill put on a ridiculously fun set, and it is clear they had a blast with it too. 

To cap off the night, headliner Silent Planet took the stage. A metalcore band hailing from Azusa, California, they are hit the stage with their Superbloom tour and, as the tour name would suggest, they performed primarily songs from their album of the same title. Much like the bands that played before them, Silent Planet put on an incredible show and sounded amazing too. The crowd was super invested in their performance with a ton of crowd surfers for them too, and vocalist, Garrett Russell catching them as they came towards the stage. Everyone looked like they were having a great time. They finished their set with the encore “Trilogy.”

The Superbloom tour ended last night in Tennessee, but hopefully Silent Planet and the rest of the amazing acts that performed with them will hit stages across North America again soon! 

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