Slipknot's Calm and Quiet Evening in Dallas, TX

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Oct 1, 2022
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FeaturedMatt Benton

Growing up, the idea of going to Knotfest was on the same level of going to Disney World. It was something that I always wanted to do since I discovered Slipknot on Guitar Hero 3, but never was able to go to due to the fact that the festival was never close to where I grew up. Luckily in 2019, fans such as myself, were blessed and given the Knotfest Roadshow. An amazing opportunity to finally be able to experience even just a portion of the magic of Knotfest. This year the Roadshow was broken into 3 legs and the most recent one included Crown the Empire and Ice Nine Kills.

When the 3 bands made it to the Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, TX on September 28th, the city was not prepared for the insanity that would come with it.

Taking the stage first were Dallas natives Crown the Empire. I’ve been listening to them since 2012 and every release since them has been just an ever-growing improvement. Andy Leo (vocals), Brandon Hoover (guitar), Hayden Tree (bass), and Jeeves Avalos (drums) came out with such a fire that you could tell they are doing what they love and love what they do. The energy and love coming from the crowd definitely showed they were happy to have CTE boys back in town. That energy increased to a crazy degree as the band played their classic hit: “The Fallout”.

As the sun began to set, Ice Nine Kills took the stage. Coming all the way from Boston, MA, the Ice Nine Kills crew was met with such a love from the crowd. They are another band that I have been listening to for years and the growth from the band in their craft is unmatched. Their most recent release, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood, is just a certified banger of an album. The band not only takes their music writing serious, but also the stage presence as well. As the band hit the stage, the crowd was immediately met with an intense breakdown from “Funeral Derangements” that was accompanied by a beautiful backdrop display screen. But the heaviness didn’t stop there as the band continued to just bring the horror filled intensity with songs like “Stabbing in the Dark”, “IT is the End”, and one of my personal favorites, “Hip to be Scared”.

The crowd was given a few minutes to relax as the stage crew started to prep for Slipknot. You can tell that Slipknot fans are die-hard fan because the eruption of applause and cheering that was heard at Dos Equis Pavilion as that infamous black banner was raised was on a whole other level. I’ve seen Slipknot perform about 6 times now but the chills down my spine that I get every time that banner drops will never go away. Even though the band has been doing this for nearly the same number of years as I’ve been alive, they still don’t stop!

The command of the crowd that Corey Taylor #8 (vocals) has is insane, the nonstop jumping and moving from Sid Wilson #0 (turntables, keyboards) & Tortilla Man (percussion, vocals) is infecting, and the fact that Mick Thomson #7 (guitar), Jim Root #4 (guitar), and V – Man (bass) aren’t in a neck brace from headbanging for close to an hour straight is just mind boggling. Watching Clown #6 (percussion, vocals) light a baseball bat on fire and smash that keg brought me back to the first time I saw a Slipknot music video and I was in pure bliss. Jay Weinburg (drums) must have sold his soul because the man just can’t be stopped. And, lest we forget probably one of the most underrated but most loved members, Craig Jones #5 (samples, keyboards, media) stood firm in his spot and helped remind everyone why Slipknot is arguably the biggest metal band on the planet.

Slipknot’s most recent album release, The End, So Far, is out now and will be the bands final release on Roadrunner Records.

Slipknot Setlist (according to

Dos Equis Pavilion

1. Disasterpiece

2. Wait and Bleed

3. All Out Life

4. Sulfur

5. Before I Forget

6. The Dying Song (Time to Sing)

7. Dead Memories

8. Unsainted

9. The Heretic Anthem

10. Psychosocial

11. Duality

12. Custer

13. Spit It Out


14. (515)

15. People = Shit

16. Surfacing

17. 'Til We Die

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