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The Adversary & the "Tribulation" EP

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Jun 21, 2023
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Logo courtesy of The Adversary

I love deathcore. From the vocals to the chugs and breakdowns to the blast beats. It is one of my favorite genres of music. No other genre makes you have your own personal mosh-pit in the car at 7:00am on the way to work. So, when The Adversary caught my attention with their E.P. Tribulation, it was time to give them a listen. When I tell you I'm glad I did, I'm not lying. This band slaps. As mentioned by the band:


The Adversary is a remote Deathcore band based out of Northern New Jersey, New York, and Florida. With inspirations of technical death metal riffs, mixed with slam deathcore breakdowns. Releasing their debut lyric video single “Cataclysmic Destruction”, via Slam Worldwide has helped put the band in a strong first impression in 2021 during the pandemic. Within the year of 2022, the band had went into the process of recording a four song E.P. titled “Tribulation”. The next single off the record is releasing in May 2023 via Slam Worldwide, titled “Flames for Eternity” featuring Zachary Howard of “Oceans of Illusion”.

Starting off as an internet project between vocalist Christopher Straube and producer, recording engineer, and guitarist Eric Chase the two would then realize the potential in the music manufactured. This would in turn lead them to create the project as a full band. Getting a hold of August Nelle to be a part of the guitar arsenal and adding Jon Lievano on the drums; the band would be complete for pure onslaught of metal and mayhem. Every member of The Adversary is committed to take on the stage to perform their music at avenue near you.

It's hard enough being a band. Throw in the genre of metal and deathcore while basically getting started during the pandemic, you would think the odds are against you. But, The Adversary are proving that they will flourish regardless of the situation. Straube does a fantastic job of delivering some of the crunchiest and demonic vocals, Chase and Nelle deliver some nasty chugs, solos, and also just straight up obliterate the guitars. Lievano is an absolute unit between the kit. Those blast beats, cymbal work, and rhythm had be headbanging the entire 16 minutes of the E.P. I've had the E.P. blasting the entire I've been writing and each playthrough, I notice more and more little hidden gems in the songs. If you're a fan of deathcore, this is definitely a band you need to check out. You will not be disappointed.

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