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The “God’s Watching Tour” Stops Through the Windy City

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Mar 17, 2024
4 min read

Isabel LaRosa and Ari Abdul’s “God’s Watching Tour” made its way to Chicago’s Subterranean music venue in the heart of the Whicker Park neighborhood. It was a packed, and might I add, SOLD OUT show for the duo. On a cold and fitting windy day in Chicago, the line was wrapped around the block for the nights show. Subterranean was packed from front to back as well as their upper level with extremely anxious fans, who some tried to squeeze their way to the front for an even better view of the young talented performers.

Starting the night off was Thomas LaRosa, Isabel’s brother. Thomas is also a friend of Ari Abdul where the two met in college and bonded over their love of music. In addition to being a talented guitarist, he’s also a talented song writer and producer who has helped both Ari and Isabel. Both he and Isabel have very similar styles in their songwriting and vocal performance that boast a very dark, melodic vibe.

Next up was Ari Abdul. Ari started her music career back in 2020 posting videos on TikTok and gathered a massive following when she released her first single “Babydoll.” Even at the young age of 23, the young artist displayed veteran presence constantly engaging with the crowed the entire night. Whether it was reaching out to the crowd and help some fellow fans stay hydrated or taking numerous fans phones and treating them to a personal up close video. Much like the LaRosa siblings, Ari also boasts a slow, melodic, dark tone and started the night off “Taste” of her EP “Fallen Angel.”

To finish off the night, Isabel took the stage, with her brother Thomas alongside playing guitar. At the young age of 19, Isabel is no stranger to the spotlight and displays a strong and energetic stage presence that lasted the entire show. Having opened for Nessa Barrett almost exactly a year prior, she is no stranger to the Chicago area. Isabel also displays a similar dark-pop melodic tone. Isabel ended the night with a performance of arguably her biggest hit “I’m Yours,” with fellow artist Ari Abdul.

While both artists were made their starts on TikTok, both give out amazing performances that prove they’re more than just TikTok singers and are definitely worth the ticket price.

Be sure to catch one of their remaining shows here

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