Connor Hannan

Lindsey Stirling Closes Out Her Snow Waltz Tour in the Windy City

Music Scene Media
Jan 3, 2024
4 min read

On a New Year’s Eve night that most Chicagoan’s were hoping for, the city finally saw some snow. Though it was a belated welcome present, the best present might have been Lindsey Stirling’s performance. Headlining the Auditorium Theatre, one of Chicago’s oldest theatres located in the heart of Chicago, the line was wrapped around Ida B. Wells Drive on a cold snowy night. The auditorium itself is a sight to see with its stunning architecture and beautiful sound quality. 

I must say, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. Only really having known she was a world-class violinist, that performed some rock-inspired pieces, I knew she did more than what you typically think a violinist does, and for me that’s typically someone who stands there playing beautiful music surrounded by others playing similar instruments. I greatly underestimated the entire show. 

It was quite a different scene for me coming from mostly shooting rock and pop concerts to see the wide array of demographics that Lindsey’s fan base covers. It’s easy to see that her music can be enjoyed by all. One way to win over a Chicago crowd is to start by saying “Da Bears” and congratulating the Bears on their win and telling them she had the world-famous Lou Malnati’s pizza for dinner. Needless to say, Chicago and I approved.

Lindsey’s performance can be described in so many words but the ones that stick out to me are beautiful, elegant, and timeless. Lindsey performs with such a grace that’s it’s quite literally beauty in motion. She’s accompanied by her amazing back-up dancers and friends - Drew on drums, and Ryan on guitar, keyboard and saxophone. With her numerous costume changes, beautiful set, and precision dancing, singing and playing, I can only relate it to what I saw at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

Being that this was a Wintertime inspired show, most of the show included classic tunes such as Sleigh Ride, Warmer in the Winter, Joy to the World, and many others. Lindsey and her gang even took the time to have a little fun and play a bunch of classics on toy instruments, one of which Lindsey has dubbed “Pickle,” her small violin.

One of my favorite performances of the night was “O Holy Night.” While the song is mainly about the birth of Jesus Christ, she took the time to acknowledge that all might have the same beliefs or religion but hoped everyone could see the beauty in the song and the performance, and not being religious myself, I truly saw the beauty, and elegance Lindsey put into her performance and craft.

While I would normally say to check out one of her upcoming shows on the tour, sadly her Snow Waltz Tour has come to an end, but I will say, keep an eye out on her website for upcoming tours! I know I most certainly will and look forward to seeing her perform again!

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