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A Voyage Through Time: Introducing The Sees

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Nov 16, 2023
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Photo Credit: Alexa Jae Eyler

The Sees’ debut album, Conversations With My Future Self, is finally here, and the alt/indie-rock worlds should prepare themselves for this new extraordinary act! For those who haven't heard of The Sees, they are an alt/indie rock band, hailing from Brooklyn, New York. The band formed near the tail-end of 2022, with this release being their inauguration into the scene!

Conversations With My Future Self is a journey through the passage of time, with each song designed to make the listener sit and ponder about what it truly means to be one with themselves, what is going on in the world, how their emotions evolve with time, and much more. The Sees have mastered the formula that have made other “jam bands” popular, and made it their own. This record sounds like if someone put the music of Dogstar and Band of Horses into a blender, but also sprinkled in some unique seasoning into it, which definitely makes for an interesting album! 

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Upon listening to this album, as with every artists’ first release, you may feel some skepticism going into it, but The Sees nailed it with this release! Conversations With My Future Self is a concept album that is heavily influenced by not only, the science of time, but also the ripple that the COVID-19 pandemic had on western society and the rest of the world. Frontman, Jamie DiTringo, describes the record’s themes being inspired from his “love of Back To The Future,” which is a film that focuses heavily on the concept of time, and how our choices affect our past, present, and future. This album has eight tracks, all of which connect to sound like one continuous track. While each song offers something unique, the final track, “At Some Point,” stuck out to me the most, with lyrics such as, “our life is short, if you don’t even have a plan," reiterating the concept of the passage of time moving quicker than we realize it. The combination of each members’ role offers a sometimes eerie sounding melody, while simultaneously giving listeners something to nod their head to; no members’ part goes unnoticed on this record, which is a rare occurrence nowadays. 

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The Sees is a young band, but is a one that sounds experienced. While most artists struggle to find their “sound,” this band strategically mapped out their sound and decided to take their listeners for an musical journey. You will definitely hear more from The Sees as time progresses, so be one of the first to dive into the quartet’s catalogue, before time passes you by! 

Conversations With My Future Self releases on November 17 via Now You See Me LLC.

 The Sees is

·       Jamie DiTringo (Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter)

·       Alex Daly (Bass)

·       Tim O’Brien (Drums)

·       Yoni Wilkenfeld (Synth/Keys)

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