Matt Benton

She Wants Revenge - Dallas, TX

Music Scene Media
Dec 9, 2022
2 min read

by Matt Benton

She Wants Revenge graced Dallas, TX at the Echo Lounge & Music Hall. The venue was filled with fans ready to enjoy the evening.

D’arcy opened the show. She took the stage and immediately started to take control of the crowd. Her command of tone and music was evident, and the crowd matched that energy. It was quite a way to start the night. Feel free to check out her Instagram here.

She Wants Revenge finally took the stage and was greeted to a roar of applause. The band got to work, and the vibes were present. It was an incredible sight to see every fan in attendance was on their feet and moving to the music. If you ever get a chance to see She Wants Revenge, go because you will not be disappointed.

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