Anastasia Baranovskaia

LANY to Stockholm - A Vibrant Night at Berns

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Nov 2, 2023
4 min read

Conor Burns

Conor Burns was the supporting act for LANY, and brought charm and energy to the stage. While I didn't really know what to expect, I have made it a habit to get somewhat familiar with the music of artists I'm going to photograph beforehand. I was happily surprised when I listened to the music, and I liked the uniqueness and feeling of the songs.

With a special sound and a one-of-a-kind voice, Burns burst onto the stage with energy that was mirrored by his all-female band, radiating enthusiasm and coolness. His distinctive style and charismatic stage presence, with dance moves reminiscent of a young Mick Jagger, added a nice touch.

One standout moment was when Conor Burns delved into a cover of Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero," with a rock/punk twist. This seemed to really appeal to the masses that thoroughly enjoyed the rendition. "Mansion On the Hill," a personal favorite, was a nice moment where the audience joined in, waving in synchronized motion and showcasing different sides to the performer. Conor Burns was a great opening act and I hope to see more of the artist in the future! 


LANY played on a Monday night and the lines outside the venue were long as people queued up with excitement. A lot of them seemed to be long-time fans, but also newer ones. The concert kicked off with the lead singer making an entrance in an oversized white hoodie whilst being filmed with a handheld camera. The atmosphere was high and filled with anticipation even before the show started, and was amplified when the band entered the stage. Berns is quite a small venue and personally felt they could have been at a larger one, however, it is special when a band of this caliber is in a smaller setting and closer to their fans. 

LANY opened the show with songs like "Thick+Thin," "Super Far," and "Out Of My League" in a darkly lit venue that was later transformed throughout the evening with vibrant neon colors and the visuals were really aesthetically pleasing. The band carried the energy between themselves and their fans throughout the night even through their slower songs, and the setlist was nicely curated for a nice pacing. A personal favorite of the evening was "cowboy in LA," a song that also seemed to resonate with the crowd. When it was time for "Home is Where The Hurt Is" a fan named Carlos joined on stage singing the second verse after holding up a sign saying he wanted to join him in singing the song. It was a nice moment and the audience was cheering him on as he sang out loud. Throughout the show, LANY showed gratitude to their fans, with the lead singer also showing appreciation for Stockholm, mentioning that many great artists are from here, and also that people here have great fashion taste. 

"Thru These Tears", "I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore" and "Malibu Nights" were more emotional segments of the show. "Malibu Nights" was a nice touch to have near the end before finishing off the night with their uptempo hit "XXL" from their latest album "a beautiful blur", leaving the crowd excited and exhilarated before heading home.

The LANY concert was a beautiful blur of emotions, and the text "It's a beautiful blur when I'm with you" that was seen on the screen during the show perfectly described the night. As the concert finished, the band had showcased their ability to turn a smaller venue into a place of grandeur, where sound and visuals were united to create a great evening and leave a lasting impression.

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