Anastasia Baranovskaia

Matt Corby's Everything's Fine Tour: A Soul-Stirring Show at Annexet

Music Scene Media
Sep 30, 2023
3 min read

Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby graced Annexet in Stockholm with his Everything's Fine Tour, marking his return to the city after a recently sold out show at Nalen. While Annexet offered a larger stage and venue, the intimate feeling was still present. It provided a perfect setting for an even bigger crowd to experience Matt Corby's unique artistry and striking vocals. It was evident that those in the audience were living in the present moment, eagerly embracing and soaking up what they were witnessing. Matt Corby started his career early at the age of 16, and has since then released a number of albums and songs that have showcased his growth as an artist. When I lived in Australia I went to see one of his shows in Melbourne. Being able to see him again was a reminder of his never ending talent and his musical journey. Even though Matt Corby is well established, he still in a way feels like a hidden gem that is still to be discovered by many.

Throughout his performance, Matt Corby skillfully navigated a range of emotions, effortlessly transitioning from humorous interactions with the audience to diving into the raw emotional depths of his songs. Despite his private nature, Matt Corby exudes an innate belonging on the stage, moving around with ease and comfort.

His soulful voice reached its pinnacle during "Better Than That". His performance seemed to move every single audience member that seemed spellbound by the moment. Corby's rendition of TLC's  "No Scrubs," originally featured on the Australian radio segment  "Like a Version," showcased his mastery of the stage with just his guitar, proving his ability to shine both with and without a band.

"Miracle Love" marked the end of the show, with the audience joining in by singing a part of the song back to him. It created a connection between the crowd and the artist and felt like a nice way to finish off the show.

In summary, Matt Corby's performance at Annexet was an event to behold. Witnessing him live he exudes charm and he is an artist who remains true in the authenticity of his music. Matt Corby unquestionably stands as a musical force to be reckoned with, and seeing his artistry first hand remains a truly special experience.

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